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Van Hulle B&C Tree Nurseries, the producer of bare root hedging plants and forestry liners

Van Hulle B&C Tree Nurseries are well-known as the producer of bare root hedging plants and forestry liners. Today, our nursery extends to 247 acres.

The accumulated know-how of seven generations provides a guarantee for the supply of a great selection of quality plants, from acknowledged places of origin at competitive prices.

Besides the cultivation of our own wide range of plants, we also trade the full assortment of nursery stock.

Tree nurseries, afforestation and green zone companies, landscapers, government services, contract growing, … please contact us without obligation for questions regarding prices and custom advice. Our employees will respond to your questions as quickly as possible.

Please call for an appointment to visit our nurseries. We will be glad to welcome you.
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Arne, Dries, Kris and many others, Bart and Carl Van Hulle