Our nursery

Today, our nursery extends to 247 acres of bare root forest and hedging plants.

  • Buxus sempervirens

    Buxus sempervirens

  • Fagus sylvatica 'Atropunicea'

    Fagus sylvatica 'Atropunicea'

  • Prunus laur. 'Rotundifolia'

    Prunus laur. 'Rotundifolia'

  • Tilia cordata

    Tilia cordata

  • Prunus avium

    Prunus avium

  • Quercus rubra

    Quercus rubra

  • Taxus baccata

    Taxus baccata

  • Thuja occ. 'Brabant'

    Thuja occ. 'Brabant'

The seeds, which are stored on-site at the nursery, are stratified and acclimatised in specially developed rooms according to the most modern methods.

We sow and plant using modern machinery. This allows precise sowing and planting to be achieved so that all the plants have the correct length-depth ratio and meet the strictest European quality standards.

A highly developed mechanisation allows environmentally friendly weeding that respects the natural environment.

In order to better fight against plant diseases, we have been a permanent member of a warning service for many years.

This allows us to get maximum results using minimum quantities of pesticides. The specially adapted plant nutrition is based on local ground composition.

The use of pesticides, plant nutriments, energy and the manner in which wastes are separated is meticulously registered.

The use of these products is followed up by an external organisation: MPS-VMS (Vlaams Milieuplan Sierteelt) , which has granted us an environmental certificate.

The plants are lifted using advanced machinery so that the root system remains unharmed.

Our qualified staff sorts out the plants in the sorting hall, never outdoors. In this manner, the plants do not dry out!

The loading hall is equipped with a sprinkler system, which keeps the plant root systems at the required humidity level.

Plants that need to be stored for a longer period of time, for example, due to a delay in planting, can be stored in our conditioned cold stores according to the most modern methods.

Plants are protected against drying out during transportation. Transportation occurs in disposable packaging, in wooden pallet boxes of different sizes or on iron pallets.

Several of our customers already trust us with growing their plants through growing contracts. We can ensure an internal and external inspection system that protects the cultivation chain in an optimal manner. If you are also interested in such a growing contract, please let us know.