Van Hulle B&C Nurseries:
seven generations of tradition, efficiency and qualitative greenery

When Bernardus Van Hulle planted his first seed in the soil of Maldegem, Belgium in 1792, he could never have imagined that it would still be blooming 230 years later. Yet, for seven generations, the Van Hulle family has continued the tradition of his tree nurseries.

A wide range for all purposes

Today Bart Van Hulle, Carl Van Hulle and their team
are responsible for efficient company operations, making it possible to
swiftly be in the service of our national and international clients.
With 100 hectare of nurseries, we can offer
a wide range of hedging plants, forestry plants and
young plants
from open grounds.

Quality and modern technology

In a sustainable company, tradition and experience go hand in hand with modern technology. As it is with us:

  • At our premises, seeds are stored in air-conditioned rooms.
  • Modern sowing and planting machines allow precision work, so that all of our plants have the right ratio and meet the European quality standards.
  • We control weeds and diseases with respect for the environment, for example by modern mechanisation and a warning service.
  • Plant nutrition is targeted and based on soil samples to avoid wastage.
  • Grubbing of plants is done with sophisticated machinery so that the roots remain intact.
  • Our plants are not sorted outdoors, but in our sorting hall with an atomising system to prevent dehydration.
  • The plants are also protected from drying out during transport.
  • For storage, we ensile the plants or store them in our conditioned cold rooms.
  • Since 2011, we have been using solar panels to produce enough green electricity to supply the entire company.

Commitment to people and planet

For 7 generations already, we have been running a business with respect for our environment. We are committed to people and planet in various ways:

We participate in the Vegaplan, which promotes quality within our industry and promotes sustainability. This membership is one of the things that allow us to take ecological steps in terms of crop protection, fertilisers, packaging and waste management.

We also invest in green infrastructure to save energy and water. For instance, we collect rainwater from the roofs of our warehouses and store it in a water basin to water our plants. With solar panels, we are fully self-sufficient in our electricity needs, both for the warehouses and our offices.

Do you have any questions about our way of work, our range or would you like to work together? Contact us for an introductory meeting without obligation.