Tree nurseries since 1792


In 1792, Bernardus Van Hulle started growing plants in Maldegem for the Ter Duinen abbey. His son Carolus Van Hulle continued his work. Two of Carolus' children are our great-great-grandfathers.

On our father's side: Leopoldus Van Hulle, who started an independent tree nursery in Maldegem.

On our mother's side: Eduardus Van Hulle, who started a plant and seed business in 1885, which was continued by his son Kamiel.

Charles-Louis Van Hulle, Leopoldus' son, established himself as a tree grower along the Urselweg in Maldegem.

Our father Louis and our grandfather Sylvain, who both also grew trees, founded the base of tree nursery.

So we are the seventh generation of tree growers, both on our mother's and on our father's side.

17th March 2011
King Albert II visits Maldegem

On the picture: Johan De Roo, mayor - King Albert - Bernard Van Acker - Bart Van Hulle